There is a special place in Malibu that even most long time residents are unaware of.
Connemara Ranch was voted “Best in Los Angeles”. It is situated in a beautiful private valley in the Malibu Hills, minutes from the world famous Malibu Beach.

Connemara Ranch is one of the only locations in Malibu where individuals can ride horses with no prior training is required. The trails at the ranch offer some of the pristine beautiful views of Malibu. The trails range from canopy covered creek side paths to ocean and mountain view paths running across the tops of the hills. The ranch sits on a 100 acre property that connects to several trails and borders. One of the trails off the property leads to Nicolas flats, which connects to the Malibu tennis and riding club. The Connemara has been enjoyed by many Hollywood celebrities to learn how to ride and interact with horses.
For more information visit http://www.horsebackridinglosangeles.org


Cynthia R. March 3 at 5:51pm Report
Hi, Talley-
RE: Connecting with Horses
It is hard to put into words the feeling I have after leaving Talley Hutcherson’s “Connecting with Horses” group, but I will try. Talley creates a magical experience with these majestic animals. Through the horses, I connect to a place of joy inside that is best described as childlike wonder (even though I am middle-aged!) It is a total absence of stress and being in the moment. We learn about horses, each other and ourselves. I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious or interested in horses.

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