There is a special place in Malibu that even most long time residents are unaware of.
Connemara Ranch was voted “Best in Los Angeles”. It is situated in a beautiful private valley in the Malibu Hills, minutes from the world famous Malibu Beach.

The ranch sits on a property that connects to several oceanview riding trails.  The Connemara has been enjoyed by many Hollywood celebrities to learn how to ride and interact with horses.


Cynthia R. March 3 at 5:51pm Report
Hi, Talley-
RE: Connecting with Horses
It is hard to put into words the feeling I have after leaving Talley Hutcherson’s “Connecting with Horses” group, but I will try. Talley creates a magical experience with these majestic animals. Through the horses, I connect to a place of joy inside that is best described as childlike wonder (even though I am middle-aged!) It is a total absence of stress and being in the moment. We learn about horses, each other and ourselves. I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious or interested in horses.

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