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ATTENTION Parents, teachers, therapists, riding instructors.  Dealing and working with Autism?  Do you want to learn more about the Horse Boy Method TM or possibly get certified?  Join us in welcoming Rupert Isaacson and his team to beautiful Malibu Mountains.  Auditors welcome.


LOCATION:                                                                 DATE:  Oct 29-30 CERTIFICATION: $500

Connemara Ranch                                                 TIME: TBA ( Full Days) Auditors $25


**Please Call us ASAP to reserve your spot online payment options available Contact: [email protected]

Cell:         619 518 5828


Horses Helping Children with Autism


For some years Rupert and Rowan literally lived in the saddle together on board a Texas Quarter Horse called Betsy. The story of how Rowan opened up to the outside world through Betsy is told in the bestselling book and award winning film, both entitled “The Horse Boy”.


Soon after Rowan’s success Rupert began working with other local children on the spectrum to see if what had  worked with Rowan and Betsy would also work for them. While no method can ever be right for 100% of people Rupert did find that a sufficiently high percentage of children did seem to benefit in sometimes quite astonishing ways.


After a couple more years Rupert realized that he had a system of techniques in place that targeted different types of autism spectrum challenges. Since 2009 he has been working internationally with the Horse Boy Method™ at camps and centers in North America and Europe.


Training Overview

  • Introduction to Autism
  • What our methods are. Why they differ from the norm
  • Necessary Equipment
  • Sensory session with horses. For children and for parents
  • Collection
  • Back-riding training with dummy. Walk trot and canter
  • How to create the right environment for Horse Boy Method
  • How to cope with children unwilling or afraid to ride
  • Long‐lines (working with young adults too large to back‐ride)
  • Rule based games / Perspective taking
  • Academics on horseback: how to use the dressage arena and
  • Round pen for math, biology, geography and so on
  • How to cope with parents whose expectations may not match their children’s desires
  • Basic trick work. Learning the aids, and demo of how tricks can be used for communication


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